An introduction: BioArt Laboratories

BIOART LABORATORIES is a place where pioneering crossovers in art, science and nature take place. We work together with industry, agriculture and educational institutions.

Through (artistic) collaborations we explore the meaning of new developments in the field of biotechnology and life sciences.

Firstly, BioArt Laboratories offers artists, designers and others the possibility to explore and experiment within these fields hands-on. Secondly, it actively involves the broader society in these developments.

More and more life sciences techniques, protocols and equipment becoming open source.

This shift in access to knowledge can provide us with a new perspective -that of the creative mind- to answer urgent questions about aesthetics and ethics, usefulness and necessity in relation to a world in transition towards a biobased society.

With BioArt Labratories located in Eindhoven, industral high-tech heart of the Netherlands, we tackle these questions on the essence of life with a unique mixture of the arts, humanities, natural- and exact sciences.

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