Vision & Mission

A world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. Together they form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based society which offers ample room for the thinking and creating human.
As pioneers, we offer an inspiring environment to experiment, and to develop new ideas. BioArt Laboratories encourages innovation and facilitates entrepreneurship leading to new bio-materials, start-ups and crossover talents.


BioArt Laboratories has been founded in 2011 by Jalila Essaïdi. In 2012, it established physical foothold in Eindhoven.
At the moment the team consists of 30 enthusiastic people all with a different background and expertise. BioArt Laboratories keeps growing rapidly.



In a world with increased interest for biotechnology and life sciences, Jalila Essaïdi, pioneer, artist and entrepreneur, developed a bulletproof skin based on spider silk. She founded Bioart Laboratories to enable future talents to develop, making use of her experience and contacts.
Bioart Laboratories is a catalyst for crossover innovations. It offers access to a laboratory, biomaterials, expertise and network. In an inspiring and open atmosphere that allows for serendipity and creativity, we encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship.

Through public events such as expert talks, experiments, exhibitions and awards we allow new talents to reflect and explore the relevance and acceptance of their ideas in this evolving field of biotechnology and life sciences.
BioArt Laboratories global network encloses universities, research centres and specialised laboratories. With its location in Eindhoven, high-tech and design heart of the Netherlands, surrounded by bio-based and agro-food industries, the creation of crossover talents, new biomaterials and start-ups is never far away.

Supervision & Advice

The Board of BioArt Laboratories foundation is overseen by the Supervisory Board. Currently this board consists of three people: Clifford Charles, Pieter Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau-van Vollenhoven and Lauran Toorians.
The Advisory Board supports Bioart Laboratories and is an international network of experts. Depending on their backgrounds they provide BioArt Laboratories with solicited and unsolicited advice on both content and organisation.


BioArt Laboratories wants to get young professionals working with seniors, combining a fresh look and the latest developments with long-build expertise and experience. This reflects on the vision and mission of BioArt Laboratories. The background of the people is an interesting mix from physics, biology and electronics to art, philosophy and social studies again to economics, marketing and business administration.
Most of all, everyone is open-minded, willing to share expertise, competence and personality with the evergrowing and thriving team.

Contact us directly for vacancies.