The last two decades, developments in the life sciences have increased dramatically. Developments that provide a wide range of new materials, techniques and applications. Many of these materials and techniques arise and remain in the laboratory, a place tailor-made for scientific research, but beyond the reach of society.Together with these new materials, techniques and applications arise urgent questions, about aesthetics and ethics, usefulness and necessity. Exploring and answering these questions is the collective responsibility of society.

This exploration, approached from the artistic point of view of an artist or designer, can thanks to their originality and creativity contribute to innovative and artistic results. Access to the source of these developments, the laboratory, is rare, and rules and protocols resulting from the scientific nature of these places, can hinder the freedom of the individual.

So a different approach is required…

BIOART LABORATORIES (BL12)is a place where artists, designers and students meet, a place that can offer the ability to explore developments in the field of life sciences in an innovative and creative way and where experimental work can be done.BL12 mainly focusses on the intersection of Art, Science and Ecology. Where environmental conditions can be explored and controlled in an alternative way towards a better understanding of life and thus a more life friendly society.

Instead of introducing the artist into existing laboratories, we want to introduce the tools and knowledge of these laboratories to the artist and designer. This way BL12 tries to create conditions where an increased concentration of creativity and knowledge can reach its maximum potential, conditions, free from rules and protocols.

With more and more techniques, protocols and equipment becoming open source these days, artists & designers can in their own way be an addition to existing research, build on experiences by the scientific community and offer alternative approaches.

Image: Composing Life – Exploring how cells behave when confronted by music translated into electromagnetic radiation.