Discovery Festival is a unique night-festival that revolves around the rush you get when you discover new things. New science, new art, new music!
Friday 28 Sept. 1 festival, 1 night, 3 cities.

The feeling for music, where does this feeling come from? Is it related to the mechanics, shape and inner-workings of our hearing system, the structure of the brains that perceive these signals? Or is there a more basic reason why we find certain timing, rhythms, frequency and harmony to be interesting?

Composing life is a collaboration between a colourful gathering of artists, musicians and scientists who are exploring the possibilities of composing life using music. An experiment where we are questioning if there is a correlation between this sense of music and the most basic communication between cells themselves. Are the patterns that make up this most basic communication between cells the foundation for what we consider beautiful music? Are we unconsciously recognizing similarities between music and communication at the cellular level? Does our music effect how cells interact? And if it does, could we write music, with the purpose of guiding this interacting, composing life through music.

BioArt Laboratories and Professor Carlijn Bouten of the TU / e will examine these questions together with DJ Jameszoo. He made specially for the occasion a new track that Didier Scheffers will translate into pulsating laser which will be fired on a petri dish with a cell-culture.

All this Is then monitored to see what kind of effect the music had on the development of the cell-culture. We are certainly really exited and wondering what kind of life comes from Jameszoo’s percussive beats, jazz samples, bleeps and synth melodies …

Above is a selection of images showing a test setup and the actual setup in an old Philips cleanbooth that we made mobile for the Discovery festival. The laser used is a bad-ass giant watercooled argon/krypton ion laser.

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