Districts of Creativity Network

Districts of Creativity Network visits BioArt Laboratories

19 April 2016

Districts of Creativity Network visits BioArt Laboratories


Date: 19 April 2016

Location: Achtseweg Zuid 151

City: Eindhoven

On the 19th of April an international delegation of the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network visited BioArt Laboratories. The delegation, consisting of about fifty people from countries such as India, Finland, Scotland and the United States, stayed in Brabant from the 19th to 22nd of April to experience the creative and innovative power of the region. The visit to BioArt Laboratories was part of the so-called Reverse Mission.

The Reverse Mission in Brabant is organised in the framework of the Districts of Creativity (DC) network, of which, the province of North Brabant, as Brabant DC, is a member. Brabant DC is an organisation in development and will take shape in the coming years. The purpose of Brabant DC is to make regional entrepreneurs more creative and creatives more entrepreneurial. For this purpose, cooperation is sought with business, education and cultural institutions. Exchange of best practices in partner regions is important for this creative development. The Reverse Mission program is shaped around four relevant themes: agrifood, social innovation, high tech & healthcare and textiles & manufacture. In recent years the Reverse Mission was organised in Scotland, Oklahoma and Flanders.

Visiting BioArt Laboratories allowed the delegation to become acquainted with the methods and social solutions where living material is the foundation. They were very interested in the fundamental and disruptive innovations that flow forth from the circular economy and which lead to unexpected concepts, materials and products that have a major impact on society. The delegation got a tour through the lab and spoke with our passionate talents. The visit strengthens BioArt Laboratories in our ambition to maintain our innovative and leading role in the field of international crossover work.



On the 28th of October the ‘Brabant Smart Region of Creativity’ network was launched as a part of DC Network and BioArt Laboratories was invited to join their BE READY Networking Dinner@DDW2016. The event was themed around the possibilities with which creativity could solve many of our social issues and dared the guests to see things differently. One of the evening’s highlights was the short film featuring Mestic®  to introduce Brabant as a vital player in finding such creative solutions.