Grote vragen over kleine beestjes

Discussing nature and insects with children

18 October, 2015

Discussing nature and insects with children


Date: 18 October, 2015

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Location: City Hall, boardroom

City: Eindhoven

During the children symposium that was held at the city hall of Eindhoven, BioArt Laboratories guided the children in a discussion on the fascinating topic that is nature. Proposing interesting questions about insects and the relation between humans and insects, led to a nice discussion with children of all ages. The children were motivated to think about nature, insects and humans, and then form opinions on the different relations and rights.

For us it was a wonderful hour filled with interesting arguments and substantial discussions. For the young participators it was hopefully just as interesting, and helped them to open their eyes for nature and the smaller creatures we live with.