BL12:INCUBATOR aspires to be a laboratory at the intersection of Art, Design and Life Sciences. An art / science lab that serves as a physical and theoretical hub. A place that can offer the ability to explorer developments in the field of life sciences in an innovative and creative way.

BL12:INCUBATOR will function in various ways, such as a laboratory that allows a creative, investigative approach to look at the potential of combining Art, Design and Life Sciences. A location that, through this investigative approach, creates conditions allowing more creative, innovative and artistic results.

But BL12:INCUBATOR also looks at new artistic opportunities to exhibit artwork/products in an aesthetic way outside the laboratory. Artwork that uses the life sciences, which are not normally accessible to the community. In addition, BL12:INCUBATOR functions as an exhibition space itself for works that can not leave the laboratory.

With this initiative we want to provide artists, designers, industry and education an environment where knowledge and experience can be exchanged. A true incubator.