BioArt Laboratories and MU are proud to announce a lecture by John O’Shea, a UK based artist/researcher/producer, working with unconventional materials and social structures to create new and experimental approaches to art-making. Known for his Pigs Bladder Football, grown from living animal cells and Black Market Pudding, a completely novel, ethically conscious, food product; manufactured using blood taken from a living pig!

“People who are comfortable with eating meat, should be equally comfortable with killing animals.”

O’Shea will talk about the “Meat License Proposal” and the “Pig Bladder Football“.

The Very First Game of Pigs Bladder Football to Take Place in The 21st Century,
a video by Tim Brunsden

The lecture will be November 30, 2012 at the MU, Emmasingel, Eindhoven. Starting from 20:00 till 21:30. The entrance will be free.

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  1. Tzeitel Sorrosa says:

    Art does not need to sacrifice whole living animals for the purpose of making a statement. I find it extremely cruel and tasteless. Try using something that doesn't have feelings instead. I'm all for art that uses humane forms of expression.

    • Thanks for comments Tzeitel – If you have a closer look at all of the projects I'll be discussing, there is no "sacrifice whole living animals for the purpose of making a statement." Regards humane means of expression – examining what that means is exactly what these works are about (in one sense) Hope you can attend the events!

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