In search of the most exciting and new bio-compatible materials worldwide, BioArt Laboratories decided to start its own library for materials, the 'Materialenbank'. We are not only collecting existing materials such as gecko glue and synthetic spider-silk, but also creating new materials and applications.
BioArt Laboratories’ Materialenbank is accessible to a broad public. If you want to see, feel and experience them in real life, contact us to visit our lab!

Hybrid laboratory

The physical laboratory is one of a kind. It is a hybrid between a biochemical laboratory, set up for analyses, manipulation and cultivation of biomaterials and a traditional atelier, fit for prototyping and development of new installations and equipment.
BioArt Laboratories is the preferred partner for bio-based experiments and projects, due to it expertise, cooperation with other specialised laboratories and the presence of a variety of biomaterials.


BioArt Laboratories attracts designers, technicians, students, artists, businesses, academics, and others who are interested in the crossover between science, nature, technology, and creativity.
Every year we welcome researchers, bio-professionals, and students to work on innovative projects. The changing population ensures that the laboratory can act as the breeding space for the crossover innovation it stands for.


BioArt Laboratories focusses strongly in talent development and preservation for Eindhoven and its region. The processes of designers, scientists, and artists are supported in our lab. By guiding the first steps of a professional career, we also help take it to the next level.
Through our Talent Pressure Cooker we are offering all the support a young bioart professional needs for setting up their own company.

Talent pressure cooker


Every year a selection of top talents from all over the world gets access with their own project proposals to the unique working environment of BioArt Laboratories. Our intensive talent development programm contains professional guidance in the process from idea or prototype to product and focusses on research and development. Results can be displayed at renowned international venues, such as the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

You can find more information about the procedure in the Talent Pressure Cooker proposal submission guide. To submit your proposal fill in the application form and send this document, your CV and portfolio as attachments to contact@bioartlab.com with email subject: Application Talent Pressure Cooker 2018, name, surname and desired starting date. The application must be written in English. Provide an up-to-date CV and portfolio in PDF.


We optimize the usage of our international network. Our global network consists of many universities, knowledge centres and other laboratories. If we do not have everything you need at our locations, we will help you get in touch with the right partner, to make sure everyone has access to the required knowledge and support.