Matter of Art

A multidisciplinary discussion about the matter of art

7 February, 2015

A multidisciplinary discussion about the matter of art


Date: 7 February, 2015

Location: MU artspace

City: Eindhoven

On February 7 2015, MU artspace in Eindhoven provided the stage for a discussion titled Matter of Art?! The evening was centred around artists Jalila Essaïdi and Arne Hendriks, whose work was on display at MU till the first of March 2015. Apart from these two creative minds, cognitive neuroscientist Barbara Nordhjem gave visitors an introduction into the field of visual perception. Laurens Landeweerd, researcher and assistant-professor at the universities of Delft and Nijmegen, set out his philosophical perspective on image, representation and reality. The various disciplines were all joined together by discussion leader and respected journalist Joost Ramaer. After the introductions of the leading characters of the evening, poet and actor Esther Porcelijn captivated the public with an essay on the main theme for the evening: the ‘art’ in bioart.