Naturalis After Dark Festival

Bacteria as a living artwork in progress

25 September, 2015

Bacteria as a living artwork in progress


Date: 25 September, 2015

Time: 20:00 - 01:15

Price: €18,50

Location: Naturalis

City: Leiden

Naturalis After Dark XXL Festival was an impressive science night for adults, at Naturalis in Leiden on the night of September 25. The indoor festival took place in the halls of the entire museum.

The festival had an exciting program filled with new science, fascinating experiments, cool art and music.

BioArt Laboratories was represented at the festival with a fascinating stand. Enthusiastic visitors offered the bacteria from their hands or keys to BioArt Laboratories








The bacteria were imprinted on agar-agar in a petri dish for an artwork in progress. The work is a project where BioArt Laboratories works in collaboration with a number of volunteers and students from all over the world. The project visualizes life that lives on the human body. The bacteria and fungi, carried by visitors on their hands, attempt to show the cultural differences in habits from people from different places.