Shaking Science: BioArt not stirred

November 2012 will be Shaking Science month. Shaking Science is the definitive event where you can talk with the life sciences. Everything under the motto: science meets society, society meets science.

The whole month of November you can visite workshops, film screenings, debates, lectures and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands about what new knowledge and technology can mean for you. Activities that inspire and are food for thought.

In Eindhoven Shaking Science will be a five day event which takes place at MU, Emmasingel 20, during the last week of November, preceded by a single day November 4th at van Abbemuseum. These events are organized by BioArt Laboratories in collaboration with their creative partners: MU, Baltan Laboratories, Verbeke Foundation, Holst Centre & Netherlands Bioinformatic Centre.

Shaking Science! is organized by CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences.

*Some events will be in Dutch, some will be in English, and so will be their dedicated event-pages.