Wednesday November 28, 2012 there will be a movie marathon at the MU, Eindhoven. This evening will start 19:00 with the movie ‘Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis’ and after a short break will continue with the Designers and Artists 4 Genomics Award(DA4GA) documentary. Entrance is free.

This evening is organised by MU and BioArt Laboratories for ‘shaking science’.

Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis documents the life of an artist who is drive to pursue questions that can only be answered in the space where science and art lose their individual distinction. Why would someone want to encode poetry into the eyes of a fly, fish for paramecium or send transgenic organisms into outer space? Joe Davis’ projects can seem fantastical, impossible, even ill-advised. A deeper look into his work reveals a hidden logic that is surprising and contagious – more philosophy than art. Working with hundreds of hours of footage shot over ten years from around the world, archival footage, photographs and interviews from respected scientists and artists, Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis not only answers these questions, but illuminates why these questions are important now, at this moment in human history.

Throughout early and mid 2012 the artistic process and work of three young designers were followed and documented. The designers all had in common that they won the DA4GA-award the previous year, which gave them the opportunity to work together with a genomics consortium and utilise their labs and scientists for the sake of art.

In this documentary you can see how they worked together with the scientists, how they combined design and science in order to ‘sculpt’ their ideas with these modern tools.